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Ruben S. Corvalan P.E.

Congressional Candidate for District 23, Texas


Brief History

I was born in Santiago, Chile in 1952.

I immigrated to this great country when I was around 20 years old to finish my studies at Cleveland State University as an Electrical Engineer.

I worked until 1990 as an electrical engineer at several companies.

In 1990 I became independent and opened my own consulting compay.

Today, I live in San Antonio, TX and own AmpSAFE, LLC, an electrical engineering consulting company.




I am a father of a wonderful and supportive family. My dear wife, son, and daughter are the primary source of my happiness.

Our family has became closer and more loving after a tragic accident occurred to our son. Today he is recovering and competing to have a position in the U.S. National Soccer Paralympic team.

I am the youngest of 5 brothers who all live in the USA.




I believe much more in the natural kindness of people, than the structured and impersonal kindness of the government. I believe that the positive effect of private charities greatly surpasses any benefit derived from of social government programs.

I believe that government is highly inefficient because it has no competition. Government is not run by saints, as many want to believe. Some powerful people in government are themselves governed by the lust for power and greed, which is a bad combination.

I have a strong conviction that taking responsibility for what happens to you will bring a good measure of happiness to your life. I believe that our government has created many unhappy, economical dependent citizens, that are trapped in an unhealthy relationship with social governmental programs. I believe that some people sometimes need external help, but this help should not become a trap that robs them of their self esteem and confidence to face the world again as a productive citizen.

I believe that the Golden Rule ("do to other as you would have them do to you") is the key for healthy human relationships and personal happiness. I believe that we have to be respectful of the feelings, actions, beliefs, and preferences of our neighbors in the same way you want to be respected.

I am only fully certain of the realness of my feelings. Cold, hungry, happy, tired, etc. In everything else, there are degrees of certainty. Therefore, i believe that is extremely important to open my mind to hear and understand the beliefs of other people, especially with regard to those that disagree with me.



Pillars of Humanity

Empathy, tolerance, and respect

Accepting without judgment the decisions of our fellowmen on how they choose to live their lives is a sign of love, maturity, and self-confidence. If their lifestyles offend us, or make us uncomfortable, it is time to search within ourselves to find out where our own weekness lies.

Pillar of Happiness


Responsibility, gives as the feeling of control. When you are in control, fear vanishes and a healthy self-image rises. Excuses, which are lack of responsibility, result in the opposite effect, loss of control. When you are not in control, the world is hostile, and fear creeps in very deep into ourselves. You fear unknown people, fear new circumstances, fear challenges, and start living lives without talking risks, without reaching out, a live whout challanges and excitment.